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Flora (フローラ, Furōra) was Claymore #8. Her nickname is Windcutter Flora (風斬りのフローラ, kazekiri no Furōra), after her lightning-fast sword drawing technique, considered to be the fastest draw of any Claymore. Flora's name is derived from the Roman goddess of flowers, and her technique is believed to name after the story of the west wind.

As a division captain during the North campaign, she led the following Claymores: Lily (#18), Wendy (#30), Karla (#39), and Clare (#47). Unlike most of the other Claymores (such as Clare, Helen) who speak in blunt Japanese, Flora is soft-spoken and always uses polite language (japanese honorifics), even when she is trying to impose tight discipline on Miria's behalf.

During the first battle of the North, Flora was unwilling to rely on Clare due to her very low rank and lack of power. However, the fight changed her impression. After the first skirmish in the Northern campaign, she challenged Clare to a duel in order to test her Windcutter sword style against Clare's Quick Sword technique. After the duel it was determined that Clare's Quick Sword was faster but less precise of the two techniques while still being of equivalent power. After that confrontation, Flora surrendered the title of "Fastest sword amongst the Claymores" to Clare. In the Anime, this event was interrupted by the appearance of Jean.

In the Awakened Being battle after this Flora was killed after being cut in half by Rigardo with little effort on his part. Posthumously, Clare uses and has mastered Flora's Windcutter technique during the seven year time skip.

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