From up on Poppy Hill
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From up on Poppy Hill

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Very good, though still not on the level of his father's films, still very good.

4.0 Overall
The Movie was an excellent adaptation of a book, even if I have not read it. Though, unlike most of studio Ghilbi film's have magical elements, this one, did not. Set simply in a not-so long ago Japan, it tells the story of a young girl who raises flags everyday in hope of her lost at sea Father seeing them and coming home. Through this, She meets a boy and their relationship gradually develops from there, in till a plot twist comes in making things complicated. However, Goro (the director) manages to fix it all up quite nicely. While still not on the level of his father, the director, he has obviously come a long way. The story is subtle, and though it does not leave to much of an lasting impression, it is still defiantly worth a watch.