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Fushigi-boshi no Futago-hime

Fushigi Hoshi no Futago Hime


Futago Hime

Twin Princesses of the Mysterious Star

Twin Princess of Wonder Planet

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Apr 2, 2005 to Mar 25, 2006
Episodes: 51
Type: Series
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Fushigi Hoshi no Futago Hime

Twin Princesses of the Wonder Planet is a Japanese magical girl anime series about the adventures of twin princesses in Fushigi-boshi, a mysterious planet shaped like a hollow earth. It is based on a concept by "Birthday"" and produced by Nihon Ad Systems and TV Tokyo. It is directed by Jun'ichi Sato who directed the first series of Sailor Moon. Fushigi-boshi no Futago-hime originally aired on April 2005. A sequel titled Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu! began airing in April 2006 and ended on March 31, 2007.

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[Edit]The Blessing of the Sun is weakening and its up to the twin princesses to safe the planet. Can these princesses really safe the planet? Afterall, they are the most un-princess like princesses in the entire history of the Fushigi no Boshi... With the power of Prominence, these twin princesses embark on a journey across the land to safe their planet, will they succeed? See for yourself
Tetsuya Kakihara
Fine (lead)Megumi Kojima
Rein (lead)Yuko Goto
Shade (lead)Junko Minagawa