Futari wa Precure Max Heart
Alternative Names:

ふたりはプリキュア ー マックスハート

Pretty Cure MaxHeart

We Are Pretty Cure Max Heart

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Feb 6, 2005 to Jan 29, 2006
Episodes: 47
Type: Series
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Futari wa Precure Max Heart

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Futari wa Pretty Cure (ふたりはプリキュア, Futari wa Purikyua?), literally "We are Pretty Cure", is a magical girl anime metaseries produced by Toei Animation and broadcast across Japan by Animax, TV Asahi and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.

The Pretty Cure series comprises the original series and its sequel, two movies, and three spin-off TV series: Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, Yes! PreCure 5 and Yes! PreCure 5 Go Go.

The girl group Precure Kids was formed in 2004, members dressing like characters of the series and performing the theme songs on stage.

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Hikari Kujou (lead)Rie Tanaka
Honoka Yukishiro (lead)Yukana Nogami
Lullun (lead)Asuka Tanii
Nagisa Misumi (lead)Youko Honna
Pollun (lead)Haruna Ikezawa
MeppleTomokazu Seki
MippleAkiko Yajima