Genji Kamogawa
Last Name: Genji
First Name: Kamogawa
鴨川 源二
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Country of Origin: Japan
Birthday: Jan 15, 1917
Type: Person
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Genji Kamogawa

Head coach and founder of the Kamogawa gym. He fought as a prizefighter in Japan shortly after the end of the Second World War. Along with his friends, Ginpachi Nekota and Dankichi Hama, Kamogawa developed a style of fighting that both presumably became the forerunner of boxing in Japan and emphasized scientific theory in its techniques. In his prime, Kamogawa's talents included the fearsome, yet self-destructive, Tekken (Iron Fist) blow which is a left hook body blow enough to knock someone down and an unyielding spirit which has been passed onto his students. As a coach, Kamogawa's wealth of knowledge and experience has been tapped into on multiple occasions during training as well as in matches. He may seem to be a bit gruff towards his boxers, but maintains very strong relationships based on trust and spirit; i.e., he rescued Takamura from his life as a thug by introducing him to boxing. Although he rarely admits it aloud, he is extremely proud of his two best reliable straight-forward boxers, Takamura and Ippo.

Source: Ippo Wiki

Kamogawa Genji officially fought Ralph Anderson, though winning by KO, broke both of his fists to the point of ending his career thereafter by using the Tekken, or Iron Fist technique.


A counter punch is, as the name implies, counterattack against an opponent's punch. It can be blocked, dodged, or slipped by the counter puncher, and in the window of opportunity before the opponent can cover up and defend themselves again or maneuver away from the counter puncher, the punch of the counter puncher's choosing for the scenario is thrown. Because the opponent is on the offensive and putting weight forward to throw punches, their own power is turned against them, combined with the force of the counter punch itself, amplifying it further. When accurate, they can be truly devastating if on target, all the more reason why fighters are told to keep their hands up at all times and not allow any opportunity to be counter punched whatsoever.

Miyata Ichiro is a textbook example of an individual who uses counter punching to their advantage, using his technical skills and superior speed and footwork to make them all the more dangerous. However, a missed counter punch can lead to the counter puncher being countered themselves, all the more reason to only attempt when it is clear and certain when the punch will land on target.

It's a body blow which concentrates a person's strength into a single punch, and can instantly break someone's ribs. It's extremely dangerous due to the strength used in the body blow, and can even shatter ones fists. It was used by Kamogawa Genji to defeat Ralph Anderson, and avenge his friend Nekota Ginpachi. This punch is the result of Kamogawa's hard training and "Iron Will", as said by Hama Dankichi. This technique ended Kamogawa's career as a boxer.