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(ギンガ, Ginga)

A mysterious youth with the power to reverse spirit summonings, however, Key Spirits are only able to be temporarily paralyzed. He is first seen in Tusk, where he rescues Roya from the Beast Humans, and later helps Zed stop her execution after she breaks the "Ultimate Rules" during the Neotopian Joust. He counsels Herrick against using the composite spirit Ex-Machina to kill Hairam, but fails to stop Herrick. After Herrick is killed by Ex-Machina, he leaves Neotopia with Herrick's body.

Later when Ulbaks is under attack by Tusk he asks Zed and Roya for help. There, he goes after Deucem, to take his revenge. It is stated that the girl whom he loved was killed by the soldiers from Neotopia and not by Deucem. Deucem leaves him and goes back to the central lab. Ginga is left behind while being stunned by this news. As the island explodes, it is hinted that he has died. You see his mechanic shoulder drifting in the sea with no body attached.

In the last episode, it shows that Ginga survived and completed Ex-Machina, though it was easily defeated by Tasker. After Tasker was defeated, Ginga went back to rebuild Ulbaks.

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