Grappler Baki The Ultimate Fighter
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1969
Air Date: Dec 31, 1969 to Dec 31, 1969
Episodes: 1
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Baki Hanma
By Masami Kikuchi
Type: Series
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Grappler Baki The Ultimate Fighter

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Baki the Grappler or Grappler Baki (グラップラー刃牙) is a manga and anime series by Keisuke Itagaki. It was originally serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Champion from 1991 to 1999, lasting 42 collected volumes. It was followed by two sequel series, New Grappler Baki (バキ, Baki?) (serialized from 1999 to 2005) and Baki: Son of Ogre (範馬刃牙, Hanma Baki?) (which began in 2005 and currently in serialization).

The 24 episode anime aired in Japan between January 8, 2001 and June 25, 2001. A second 24 episode series called Grappler Baki Maximum Tournament was released on 22 July 2001. The story revolves around Baki Hanma and his quest to proclaim himself as the strongest grappler in the world, thus taking the title from his father. Baki also fights to gain the trust of his overly psychotic mother. The OVA was released by Manga Entertainment in Australia and the UK and previously released by Central Park Media in the U.S.

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Baki Hanma (lead)Masami Kikuchi
Doppo OrochiMugihito Amachi
Emi Hanma
Hitoshi Kuriyagawa
Kaoru HanayamaMotoko Kumai
Keechi AndoKatsuhiro Kitagawa
KitazawaTakuo Kawamura
Kyosumi Katou
Yujiro HanmaKenji Nomura
Yuri ChakovskyMasaya Takatsuka