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Greed (グリード, Gurīdo), the "Ultimate Shield", craves money, women, and other worldly possessions above all else. Because of this he betrays the homunculi in both the anime and the manga, as working for them would deprive him of his greedy desires. He is able to rearrange the carbon molecules in his body to create a shield that coats his body and is as hard as diamond. Greed is introduced when he sends some of his chimera subordinates to capture Alphonse Elric. The State Military soon raids their location to rescue Al, and Greed's fate from that point further differs between adaptions.

In the manga, Greed is repeatedly killed by Wrath, tiring him out and allowing him to be taken back to Father. Unwilling to rejoin them, Greed is melted down and Father consumes his Philosopher's Stone. Later, Lin Yao offers to become a new Greed in his search for immortality. Greed is given complete control of Lin's body, though Lin constantly fights him to gain dominance. Though this Greed initially has no recollections of his actions as the former Greed, his killing of Bido brings back memories of all his loyal subordinates. Angry with Wrath for killing his "possessions" and further provoked by Lin, the new Greed defects from the homunculi, eventually letting Edward Elric join him. As the other homunculi's ranks start to thin, Greed abandons his new subordinates so that he can kill Father and take over the country.

In the anime Greed escapes the raid and flees to Dante's mansion. Dante, having created Greed when she tried to revive her dead lover, is as a result in the possession of the skull from his original body. This leaves him severely weakened and he is killed by Edward Elric soon afterwards.

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Extended Information

Ling Yao is a Xingese character exclusive to the Manga and the 2nd Anime. He first appears in Chapter 32, in Rush Valley. He is the twelfth prince of the eastern nation of Xing. He is the essence of "Noblesse Oblige" - "privilege entails to responsibility". Though haughty, arrogant and ambitious, he cares deeply for his servants and people - a feeling that is returned, especially from his bodyguard, Lan Fan. Those outside his responsibilities are often less fortunate - as Ed learns from his habit of running up room service bills. His goal in life is to become immortal and become the emperor of his country of origin. He enjoys flirting with Winry and becomes a close friend of Ed.

He instantly becomes a dedicated opponent of Führer King Bradley due to the Homunculus' belief that those in one's service who can no longer perform should be discarded. Ling is a devoted believer in fealty, that is, a King cannot exist without a people to support him. Bradley simply responds that a King is merely one who is powerful enough to compel obedience in others.

Ling leaves his country and heads to Amestris to find a way to become immortal, so he can gain the throne. In Xing, many families are striving for the position as emperor. The current emperor is ill, so if Ling can find a method of immortality and gives it to the emperor, he will be chosen as an heir (the emperor will retire eventually)

After escaping Gluttony's belly, Ling, Ed, and Envy appear in Father's hideout. While Envy holds Ling and Ed down, Father approaches Ling and touches his own forehead, opening an eye on his forehead. A red blob, the Philosopher's Stone, seeps out of the eye on Father's head, and he drops it into a little cut in Ling's left cheek, telling him that Greed's position is currently empty. Inside Ling, his spirit and the invading spirit from the Stone (Greed) are fighting. The spirit, who reveals himself as Greed, tells Ling that he wants his body and that he can offer him great power. Source