Grenadier - Hohoemi no Senshi
Year Produced: 2004
Air Date: Feb 27, 1993 to Dec 12, 2009
Episodes: 12
Type: Series
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Grenadier - Hohoemi no Senshi

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It was Civil War Era when odious wars were rampant, a solder that exceeded in guns were called Senshi. There was a girl who exceed in gun. Her name was Tendo Rushuna She had a blonde hair, an ideal figure, and liked taking a bath. She was a senshi who was genius in shooting.
She continued traveling with her buddy, a Samurai, Kojima Yajiro. She used only an out-of-date revolver, and beaten scoundrels and senshi who used machineguns and rifles.
In the rattle of gun fires, in the trailing powder smoke, in the pour of cartridge cases, Rushuna’s bullet pierced into the darkness of the turbulent days.
Stateless battles of katana and guns began.

However, true purpose of Rushuna is to practice the teaching of Tenshi. The teaching of Tenshi, which was the strongest tactics, is to take off the armor of minds.
The journey of Tendo Rushuna, ”Senshi of Smile”, would continue.
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Rushuna Tendo (lead)Mikako Takahashi
Yajiro Kojima (lead)Kazuya Nakai
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Kiyoyuki Yanada
KotoNagai Noa
Matsuoka Yuki
Mami Kosuge
Naoko Suzuki
TenshiChieko Honda