Gungrave (Library)
Year Produced: 2003
Air Date: Oct 6, 2003 to Mar 29, 2004
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Gungrave (Library)

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After a tragic scene with the murder of his friends, Brandon Heat follows his only friend Harry McDowel into Millennion, the largest mafia syndicate. While Harry McDowel is striving for power, Brandon is only staying in Millennion to see the girl he loves who's custody was gained by the leader of Millennion, Big Daddy. But as the years pass and Brandon proves loyal to Millennion, Brandon learns the true purpose and passion of Millennion, and that's when true conflict arises.
Brandon Heat, a silent and passive man, is living a laid back life with his friends. He's got his eyes on Maria, but her uncle forbids their relationship. After the brutal murder of his friends and Maria's father, Brandon is on the run together with the only friend he has left; Harry McDowell. When he finds out custody over Maria has been taken by Millennion, the largest mafia syndicate in town, he and Harry decide to join the syndicate. He goes through many hardships after joining the syndicate but he is willing to risk everything as long as he can be close to Maria.
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Brandon Heat (lead)Tomokazu Seki
Harry MacDowel (lead)Kenji Hamada
Balladbird LeeTakehito Koyasu
Bear WalkenRyuzaburo Otomo
Big DaddyIemasa Kayumi
Bunji KugashiraFumihiko Tachiki
Dr Tokioka
Maria AsagiKikuko Inoue
Mika Asagi
Sherry Walken