Gunparade Orchestra
Year Produced: 2005
Episodes: 24
Type: Series
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Gunparade Orchestra

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The time line of Gunparade Orchestra is ten years after Gunparade March. Gunparade Orchestra consisted of three chapters which included White, Green and Blue.

White Chapter consisted of nine episodes from EP01 to EP09 in TV series and one EP from PS2 Game Limited Edition.

Green Chapter consisted of eight episodes from EP10 to EP17 in TV series and one EP from PS2 Game Limited Edition.

Blue Chapter consisted of seven episodes from EP18 to EP24 in TV series and one EP from PS2 Game Limited Edition.

For the White Chapter, the story focuses and revolves around the 108GDP Division Four which stationed in Aomori. Compared to regular forces, Division Four is not well trained and its defense sector is not an important location for heavy protection. Due to this, it is a poorly equipped and with very little military standing; it is often viewed as a 'reject camp' for pilots not making the grade for the elite units based in Hokkaido. The apparent helpless nature of this force is hardly a deterrent for the encroaching Phantom Beasts armies, ever closing in on both the 108GDP and the main land.

For the Green Chapter, the story focuses and revolves around the 108GDP 105 GEP Division Seven. Due to the environment, Division Seven employed Bio-Weapon known as Raiden Type 99 instead of HWTs (Humanoid Walking Tanks) like Division Four. Forefront members of Division Seven are known as "Dragoon".

For the Blue Chapter, the story focuses and revolves around the 109 GMP Division Eight which stationed in Ogasawara Islands / Chichijima. Members of Division Four left the island and followed its commander, Ishizuka, returned to the main land in Episodes 24.

Gunparade Orchestra is the orchestra for young men and women whom fought for the survival of mankind in Fifth World.

24 Episodes in TV series + 3 Episodes in PS2 Game for each chapter
[Edit]Introductive Section of Gunparade Orchestra Characters:

White Character - 108 GDP Division Four Characters:

Sara Ishida – Commander of Division Four

Saika Murata - Aide & Deputy Commander of Division Four

Ami Yokoyama – Pilot

Noeru Sugawara - Pilot

Arisa Watanabe – Pilot

Kou Kojima - Pilot

Naoya Sato – Pilot

Torao Ueda – Pilot

Ryoma Taniguchi – Pilot

Michiya Noguchi – Chief Engineering Officer

Nakatoshi Iwasaki – Engineering Officer & Intelligence Specialist

Hazuki Yamaguchi – Engineering Officer & Cook

Momoka Kudo - Engineering Officer

Yuto Takeuchi – Command Vehicle Driver

Maho Suzuki – Communication Officer

Haruka Yoshida – Communication Officer

Sora Kojima – Class Instructor of Division Four

Hardboiled Penguin - God of Bird Clan, Guardian of Division Four

Yumi – Civilian / Owner of Coffee Shop

Green Chapter - 105 GEP Division Seven Characters:

Eiri Shibanura – Commander of Division Seven

Shion Ryuzougi – Dragoon & Deputy Commander of Division Seven

Kuka Hashira – Aide

Touji Kazama – Sergeant & Counselor

Kenji Gen - Dragoon

Miki Kingyo - Dragoon

Natsuko Saito - Dragoon

Huang Estelle Vala - Dragoon

Kaen Yuki - Dragoon

Yuki Makibara - Dragoon

Hikaru Makibara – Dragoon

Masatoshi Fukazawa – Engineering Officer

Yukiko Araki – Engineering Officer & Cook

Ken Sakurai – Engineering Officer

Katou ??? - Civilian / Reporter

Nami Koumi – Civilian / Nurse

The Countess – High Rank Officer & Observer

Blue Chapter - 109 GMP Division Eight Characters:

Ishizuka - Commander of Division Eight

Nagano - Command Officer from Main Land Headquarter

Kurano Mizuho - Pilot

Sakuma – Pilot

Koseki –Communication Officer

Tajima –Engineering Officer

Tsujino – Engineering Officer

Tanoue - Engineering Officer

Matsuo – Chief Engineering Officer

Takeda - Engineering Officer

Shima - Engineering Officer

Hikomuro - Engineering Officer

Dr. Ayako - Island Doctor