Gurio Umino
Melvin McCellbellum
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Gurio Umino

Gurio Umino (海野ぐりお, Umino Gurio), known as Melvin in the English dub, is a student in Usagi Tsukino's class at school. He is usually called simply Umino, and begins with a severe infatuation with fellow student Usagi Tsukino.

His defining characteristic is his eyeglasses, which have odd swirls in them, denoting their thickness. He is a know-it-all, and he keeps Usagi informed on current events, new students, gossip, and any other information she might appreciate. In the anime, he eventually ends up dating Naru, and like her, his importance gradually decreases after the first anime series. He made his final appearance in the Supers anime special Ami-chan's First Love.

Umino is commonly portrayed as "nerdy" and "weird," although to be fair, this is usually because the viewers are seeing him as Usagi does, and Usagi sometimes considers him an annoyance (although at other times she considers him a good friend; she is willing and eager, for instance, to help him out when he tells her he loves Naru; this results in a "Tuxedo Umino Kamen" spectacle that embarrasses Naru). He is characterized by over-enthusiasm (he once attempted to defeat one of Zoisite's youmas using only fried shrimp in order to ensure the monster wouldn't hurt Naru), an eager devotion to his studies, and sincerity and honesty sometimes to the point of bluntness. It is this sincerity, however, that enables both he and Naru to win a "Love Contest" in the Sailor Moon S season due to Umino's passionate, honest and genuine love confession. He enjoys drinking milkshakes, and in an episode where he believed Naru had fallen in love with Tiger's Eye, he drowned his sorrows with them. Also, during his appearance in the Supers anime special Ami-chan's First Love, Umino reveals that he knows who Mercurius really is after being queried on the matter by Usagi and his friends. As it turns out, Mercurius looks exactly like him but with green hair.

In the manga, Umino is revealed to be incredibly handsome when he takes his glasses off, a joke riffing on his ordinarily nerdy appearance. This trait is shared with the one-off character Princess D.

The kanji in Umino's surname represent a pun meaning either "ocean field" or "of ocean"; as such, it is constructed in the same way as Usagi's and those of all four Guardian Senshi. His first name, Gurio, is given in hiragana and so its meaning is unclear.

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