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Guts (ガッツ) is the protagonist of the story Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Referred to as a "byronic" hero Guts is the personification of human willpower and determination.

Born from the womb of a dieing woman who was hung from an execution tree for reasons that will forever be lost Guts was as much cursed as blessed by fate from the moment of his birth. Found beneath his nameless mothers corpse Guts is taken in by Shizu the wife of a mercenary leader named Gambino who took pity on him after having recently lost her own child to miscarriage. Alas Shizu's fate was to die shortly thereafter from a disease Gambino believed was contracted from Guts. As a result his childhood was filled with the harsh lessons of mercenary life as he was repeatedly beaten and abused by Gambino who despite continuing to raise him loathed Guts to the core.

Later in life Guts would have another brush with fate when he fights in a castle siege in the country of Midland and is credited for killing the strongest warrior of the enemy, the Grey Knight Bazuso. Realizing the battle was over and no more fighting was to be had Guts left the field taking with him a sizable bounty. It was then he happened to by coincidence pass near the camp of the mercenary company the Band of the Hawk who had fought on the opposite side during the recent siege. Corkus, a lower ranking officer in the Hawks, took this chance to gather a few comrades and ambush Guts with the intention of slaying him and stealing the bounty he earned. This singular event would set off a chain reaction placing Guts beside the owner of the Crimson Behelit and the enigmatic leader of the Hawks, Griffith. Unknown to both of them their destinies would be woven together into an unforgiving knot of friendship, trust, betrayal, and death.

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Dragon Slayer: Guts uses many different swords during the course of his adventures but chief among these is the Dragon Slayer. It is a massive double edged sword over six feet in length forged from one solid piece of metal. The sword was created by the blacksmith Godo in his youth as a part of a competition to craft a sword capable of killing a dragon. As the name suggests, this sword was the winner of the contest. After being used to slay as many demons as it has it has also taken on the property of being able to inflict damage on the physical forms of the God Hand.

Arm Cannon: Potentially the strongest of Guts's weapons is the miniature cannon hidden in the metal prosthetic hand on his left arm. Also a product of Godo the reasons behind the creation of this device are unknown. Guts has used it to devastating effect in many encounters with stronger Apostles and it has saved his life a number of times. It does have a few drawbacks in that the recoil is extremely forceful and due to being reliant on gunpowder as a firing agent the cannon can only be fired once before needing a complex reloading and maintenance process.

Repeater Crossbow: Another invention of Godo this crossbow is actually decades ahead of it's more traditional counterparts. It has been modded to fit on Gut's prosthetic hand and features a self firing mechanism allowing guts to simply load a large amount of bolts at once, aim, and fire all with very little effort. While it lacks the punch of his more well known weapons it has excellent range and is sufficient for slaying normal armored foes or weaker demonic beings.

Knives: More of a last resort or surprise weapon Guts is also in possession of a set of throwing knives given to him by fellow Hawk's member Judeau. They are identical to the throwing knives Judeau uses in every way and he instructed Gut's personally in how to fight with them.

Berserker Armor: While not a weapon this armor contains the ability to suppress the pain felt by the one who wears it while simultaneously enabling them to exceed the human limitations on physical exertion and muscle stress. This is a double edged power due to the fact that the armor can literally force the wearer into a berserker rage overpowering all their senses with a killing intent so vast they lose the desire to protect themselves from fatal injury and the ability to recognize friend from foe. The armor also has the unique property of being able to change shape to fit the wearer and can actually morph parts of itself to take on a appearance more suiting of the users personality. Though Guts is the current owner of the armor it was believed to be used by the Skull Knight in the past and Nosferatu Zodd recognizes it instantly the first time he sees Guts wearing it.