Happy Lesson TV
Year Produced: 2002
Type: Series
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Happy Lesson TV

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Hitotose Chitose was always alone and untrusting of people but when 5 female teachers appear and started living together with him in his family's house as his mothers, things started to change and pick up, together with Hazuki-nee and Minazuki (his 2 sisters) everyday is a lesson.
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Chitose Hitotose (lead)Daisuke Kishio
Gokajo Satsuki (lead)Kaoru Sasajima
Kisaragi Ninomai (lead)Akiko Kimura
Mutsuki Ichimonji (lead)Ruri Asano
Uzuki Shitenno (lead)Kimiko Koyama
Yayoi Sanzenin (lead)Kikuko Inoue
Hazuki Yazakura
Minazuki RokumatsuriNana Mizuki