Hayate Ayasaki
Last Name: Ayasaki
First Name: Hayate
綾崎 颯
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Hayate Ayasaki

The protagonist of the main series, and occasionally a heroine himself. His talent is misfortune. When he was saddled with a huge debt and left wandering on the street, he was rescued by Nagi Sanzenin and became her butler. At the age of 16, he has developed the housework skills and attentiveness of a butler, while managing to get wrapped up in romantic comedies even though he has no inclination in that way.
Extended Information

The main protagonist of our wonderful show, and probably the unluckiest boy on the face of the planet. It’s bad enough that he had to support his deadbeat parents since he was nine, but he was also sold off to the Yakuza by said parents to boot! He attempts to avert this fate by attempting to kidnap Nagi Sanzen’in, but a couple of twists and a wacky misunderstanding later he’s wound up as the Sanzen’in Manor’s newest butler.

A cushy job for our kind-hearted hero? Not so much. Being Nagi’s butler has the double duty of being her bodyguard, which also means fighting off any number of crazy opponents that would threaten Nagi’s well being no matter what the cost. Good thing Hayate’s string of bad luck also made him ridiculously resilient, able to take just about anything the world would dish upon him. There’s also something about butlers in this world gaining special abilities, but you’ll just have to watch more to find out. Despite all the trouble that’s rained down on our poor protagonist, he is notheless loyal, understanding, and overall optimistic about everything; always smiling against all odds. In short, Hayate is the perfect butler that anybody would be proud to have no matter what the occasion may be.