Hinagiku Katsura
Last Name: Katsura
First Name: Hinagiku
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Hinagiku Katsura

The Student Council President at Hakuo Academy, Hinagiku is both intelligent and beautiful, excelling at both the literary and the martial arts. Her older sister, Yukiji, is also a teacher at Hakuo. Her weakness is her fear of heights. Aged 16, her first love is Hayate, but she has trouble being honest with her feelings.
Extended Information

Hinagiku is basically the equivient of Hakuo Academy’s all American girl….only Japanese. She’s the president of both the student council and the kendo club, earning her the adoration of basically every girl in the academy. It comes as no surprise then that she’s a bit of a tomboy, displaying traits of courage, athleticism, and leadership that make most other males look dull in comparison.

As you can guess by her prominence in the series, she too is a potential love interest to the hapless Hayate after he saves her from a tall tree and promises to come to her aid should she ever need it. This is a harem anime ladies and gentlemen, so expect whacky hijinks to stem from this tension!