Hinata Hyuuga
日向 ヒナタ
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Hinata Hyuuga


Hinata Hyuuga re-introduces feminine qualities...

Keeping in mind that Naruto is a shounen manga/anime, many female characters have very little to limited background information, and mainly blend in with the rest of the cast. Although considered to be very cliche, the female character which exhibits attraction to the hero of the story may steal the spot light from one time to another, but not many manage to steal the audience's and reader's affection;
Enter Hinata Hyuuga.
In the beginning of the series and the manga, the timid and fidgety girl enters the scene with very few lines, she may have been regarded as unimportant or just to provoke the audience with her limited abilities and underdeveloped character.
By the end of the first arc of Naruto, Hinata has already managed to pull off as a favourable character.

Her kindness and politeness is respectable, but with all honesty; from time to time I felt like cringing when she repeated Naruto's name and idolized him. With all fairness, he is the hero and this is a shounen manga, so there isn't much to expect from female characters.
Luckily, Hinata also displays signs of intelligence, compared to traditional heroines; she has learnt to stand up for herself and we get to explore her background even more, thus she is not just regarded as a pretty face anymore.
Kishimoto's character design suits her personality quite well; her heavy clothing (modesty), navy blue hair (cold colour) and large round head (youth) grasps symbolism very well.

By the 400th chapter, Hinata became more than a talking chess piece. Hinata Hyuuga re-introduces feminine qualities and manages to draw a little admiration from many fans at the same time. My feelings went from despising her to absolutely adoring and appreciating her.
I hope to see more of her and what she has to offer.