Hiroyuki Fujita
藤田 浩之
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Hiroyuki Fujita

(藤田 浩之 Fujita Hiroyuki)

Hiroyuki is the main male character and has a very dry attitude. He is surprisingly empathetic though, but usually shows it through his actions rather than what he says or how he acts towards people.

Hiroyuki is also a childhood friend of Akari and lives alone, as his parents are away for work.

Note: Hiroyuki Fujita is the default name at the beginning of the game. His voice actor is only for the anime: in the game, he is the player and thus unvoiced.

Humorously, in the first episode of Comic Party the main character, Kazuki has a dream in which he is placed into Hiroyuki's shoes. Kanon's main protagonist Yuichi Aizawa in 2006 was possibly based on him as they have similar attitudes and look almost identical.

Source: Wikipedia
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