Hiyori Tamura
田村 ひより
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Hiyori Tamura

Hiyori Tamura (田村 ひより, Tamura Hiyori) is an amateur dōjin artist, who is also the first-year classmate of Yutaka Kobayakawa and Minami Iwasaki. Additionally, she is an otaku who creates her own dōjinshi; her genres are broad, stretching from boys love to yuri. Hiyori is always searching for a good plot to use in her dōjinshi, and tends to imagine Yutaka and Minami in romantic moments, only to grow embarrassed over the idea and break into an emotional outburst, which leaves Yutaka and Minami clueless. Even if she has a moment of enlightenment, she fails to jot down notes about it, which causes her to forget what her great idea was about. Called "Hiyorin" (ひよりん, "Hiyorin") by Konata and Kō (also Konata called "Hiyo-hiyo" (ひよひよ, "Hiyo-hiyo") and Kō called "Hiyori"), she tends to be a kind person, but has unfortunate luck. Hiyori has a friendly personality, but is prone to becoming bashful, leading to simple mistakes during a decisive moment. Hiyori has long hair, a wide forehead, and is a meganekko. She is a member of the Animation Research Club, and is Kō's junior.

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