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Ichigo Mashimaro OVA 2

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Type: Series
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Ichigo Mashimaro encore

The misadventures of Chika, a cheerful girl who shows more common sense than the other girls, desriced by Nobue as "totally generic" and loves to bake cakes and cookies, Miu lkes to say random things out of the blue and often plays pranks on Matsuri and Ana, but is most of the time interrupted by Nobue and Chika and ends up lying face-down on the floor, Matsuri who is timid, physically weak, and often cries alot, Ana's best friend, and she tries to help her study english, Ana; an english girl who forgot how to speak english and pretneds at school that she can barely speak japanese and mostly english, when in fact it is the other way around, and Nobue; the smoking college student (in the manga she is in high-school) also the "boss" and Chika's older sister, continue on from day to day as the girls constantly find themselves dealing with ordinary situations in extraordinarily strange yet cute ways.

The second OVA for Ichigo Mashimaro includes 2-3 episodes release dates: Jan 23rd, March 25, other dates at this time are unknown.

The Mashimaro girls are back! They've got some 'heavenly' cosplays, and more 'dweams' in store! Along with a "SERIOUS" talk about friendship, who can afford to miss these!
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Ayako Kawasumi (lead)Matsuri Sakuragi
Chiba Saeko (lead)
Fumiko Orikasa (lead)Miu Matsuoka
Hitomi Nabatame (lead)
Ana Coppola