Last Name: Ikki
First Name: Takeda
Takeda the Puncher 武田 一基
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Ikki Takeda

(武田 一基, Takeda Ikki) Voiced by: Kazuki Yao

See Shinpaku Alliance

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Extended Information

Once a rising boxing star, Takeda was unable to box after an incident where he rushed to save his best friend, leaving his left arm paralyzed. Takeda from then on thought that friendship would only hold people back and cause them pain.
After joining the gang, Ragnarok, Takeda (the puncher) was included in Ragnarok's "Technique Trio" with Ukita (the thrower) and Koga (the kicker). Takeda's group later receives an order to bring back Shiharama Kenichi. Nearly a month after the order with no results, Takeda devises a plan to use two of Kenichi's "friends" as hostages to lure him into a trap. Clever as this was, the two were not actually Kenichi's friends, but he came regardless. After Ukita was defeated by Kenichi, it was up to Takeda to bring him in. Takeda's view of friendship is changed when Kenichi teaches him that "Friendship is not a transaction!". During the battle Takeda jumps to aviod one of Kenichi's attacks, breaking the fence behind him, sending him flying off the building. Luckily, Kenichi manages to catch him, and pull him up.
Takeda and Ukita are later taken to Master Akisame's Bone Clinic to be treated. Akisame informs Takeda that with multiple treatments, he would be able to box again. Takeda's expression lit the room with gawking happiness. Takeda then later becomes one of Kenichi's closest friends (and the first to remeber his cell phone number).
After his left arm was cured, he was later ambushed by Ragnarok and his former comrades, Koga, Kisara and Ukita. Ukita then changes sides and aids Takeda. After Ukita was knocked out by Kisara, Takeda attempts to take her down. Even with his improving stamina, this attempt failed. Luckily, Kenichi came to Takeda and Ukita's rescue.
Takeda later joins the Shinpaku Alliance along with Ukita, becoming one of the three generals.