Jacuzzi Splot
Last Name: Splot
First Name: Jacuzzi
Gender: Male
Type: Person
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Jacuzzi Splot

Jacuzzi Splot (ジャグジー・スプロット, Jagujī Supurotto?) is an extremely shy gang leader and bootlegger. He is easily scared but is capable of exceptional courage and leadership ability when the situation calls for it. He often stutters and dislikes attention. Despite this, he has a large sword tattoo on his face. However, when his friends are in danger, he will summon the strength to face his problems directly, even though he will continue to cry. He says that he cries so he does not have to when he needs to be courageous. When he realizes he cries too much, he states that the extra tears are for Nice, so that she does not have to cry if something bad happens. He tattooed his face when Nice was seriously injured in an explosives accident, so that they would both be similarly marked. Jacuzzi is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi in Japanese and Joel McDonald in English.
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