Jason Beck
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By Houchu Ohtsuka
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Jason Beck

Jason Beck (ジェイソン・ベック, Jeison Bekku) is introduced as Dorothy's kidnapper in the series premiere. After "being humiliated" by Roger during the kidnapping case, Beck's further appearances on the show consist of his trying to humiliate Roger back.

Beck is very uncertain. He can be seemingly uneasy and panicky at one moment, and calm himself down to regain himself the next. Despite an overtly buffoonish nature, Beck is intelligent - he can come up with his plots rather easily, and has shown great ability as a mechanical designer. In the course of the series, he was able to build his own megadeus apparently from scratch, collaborate on the design of another and create a precise working replica of Roger's torso, head and vocal cords, and was even specifically sought out by Alex Rosewater to reconfigure Big Fau. He is voiced by Hochu Ohtsuka in Japanese and Robert Buchholz in the English version.

Source: Wikipedia
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