Juzo Megure
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Juzo Megure

The cast of the Case Closed series are created and drawn by Gosho Aoyama. The characters are modern day people in the 21st century taking place in Japan. The Protagonists transit from his earlier series Magic Kaito looking very alike besides for their hair style; Exceptionally, Kaito Kuroba has made a number of appearances as himself in the anime and manga of the series. The similarity has been noted between the main protagonist of the Case Closed series Jimmy Kudo and protagonist of the Magic Kaito Series, Kaito Kuroba. Over hundreds of minor characters with one time appearances have been created and used to create a scene of a murder, attempted in some cases, and are found by Jimmy's deductions. The minor characters are always given a background, motive, and a personality that suits to put them under suspect during the murder.

One day after solving a murder case at a theme park, Jimmy was observing a suspicious trade between some mysterious people. Jimmy was knocked out from behind by Gin who caught him off guard. The mysterious men decide to test a new poison called APTX 4869, that could kill without leaving any trace of it behind. They force Jimmy to drink it.Instead of killing him, the drug reverts him back to a seven year old child. He goes to Professor Agasa's house to ask for help. Agasa realize how dangerous the men who did this to him could be and told him Jimmy Kudo must disappear as if he were dead or the men will kill all those in contact with. Jimmy now lives under the alias Conan Edogawa; a name he quickly thought up of after using parts of authors names on a book when Rachel Moore suddenly asks him what his name is. Afterwards Agasa suggested Rachel to let Conan live with her while his parents are away. Because her father Richard Moore happens to own a detective agency, it can be used in hope a case will appear that will have connections to the Black Organization.

The English adaption hold courtesies over the name. The anime dubbed pronounced by Funimation has different names than the one in the manga published by Viz Media. The names in the article follow the Funimation formats.

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