Kakashi Hatake
Last Name: Hatake
First Name: Kakashi
Ninja copieur
はたけ カカシ
Gender: Male
Hometown: Konoha
Birthday: September 15
Blood Type: O
Type: Person
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Kakashi Hatake

With his skills and smarts, Kakashi is the elite of the elite ninja and the pride of the Hidden Leaf Village. He hides a tough past behind his cool demeanor and his powerful Sharingan, with which he's copied over 1,000 ninja jutsu, has earned him the title, "Copy Ninja." Once Naruto and Sakura's teacher, Kakashi has come to view his former students as trusted teammates.

While how he acquired Sharingan is kept secret, he actively and lavishly teaches his students jutsu he copied. As one of the most relied Jonin in the village, he feels it’s his duty to facilitate the growth of the younger generation in every way.
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