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Kami-chu! ~Kamisama wa Chuugakusei~

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Jun 28, 2005 to Sep 27, 2005
Episodes: 16
Type: Series
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Kamichu!: Teenage Goddess (かみちゅ!~かみさまでちゅうがくせい~, Kami-chu! ~Kamisama de Chugakusei~?, lit. A Deity as a Middle School Student) is a Japanese anime television series, strongly influenced by the Shinto religion, that follows the adventures of teenage goddess Yurie Hitotsubashi and her friends. The series was created by Besame Mucho (ベサメムーチョ, Besamemūcho?), which is the joint pen name of Tomonori Ochiai, Koji Masunari, and Hideyuki Kurata. It was broadcast by the anime television network Animax on its respective networks worldwide, including Japan, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, where it received its first English-language broadcast.

The series was adapted as a manga serialized in Dengeki Daioh, a shōnen manga magazine, and collected in two tankōbon volumes.

At the 2005 Japan Media Arts Festival, Kamichu! received an Excellence Prize for animation.

On July 3, 2008, Geneon Entertainment and Funimation Entertainment announced an agreement to distribute select titles in North America. While Geneon Entertainment will still retain the license, Funimation Entertainment will assume exclusive rights to the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of select titles. Kamichu! was one of several titles involved in the deal.

Source: Wikipedia + ANN
Extended Information

Kamichu! was licensed by FUNimation for dubbing rights and distribution in 2009.

Although some are confused by its having a similar name, this is NOT the second season to Kamichima Karin. There are no samurai swordplay, vampires, or things that explode for no reason. It's a cute, magical series.

Televised Info

Showed from June to September of 2005 in Japan.
Showed from July to November of 2007 on ImaginAsian TV in the USA.

Matsuri Saegusa (lead)Rika Morinaga
Mitsue Shijo (lead)Kaori Mine
Tama Hitotsubashi (lead)Chiwa Saito
Yashima (lead)Kousuke Okano
Yurie Hitotsubashi (lead)Mako Sakurai
Akane HitotsubashiMiki Itou
Kenji NinomiyaIssei Miyazaki
Kenkichi HitotsubashiMitsuaki Hoshino
Kouun Saegusa
Miko SaegusaAi Nonaka
Shoukichi HitotsubashiMakoto Tsumura