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Kanaria (金糸雀, Kanarienvogel, Canary Bird) (spelled Canaria in the Tokyopop translated manga)

The second Rozen Maiden doll, who is as adorable as she is eccentric. Not only does she constantly refer to herself in third person, but she also talks about taking her sisters' Rosen Mysticas, though she repeatedly fails in her attempts to do so. She fancies herself as quite the stealthy prowler, and makes a hobby of watching the exploits of her sisters, usually through binoculars. Kanaria's bright, somewhat arrogant disposition makes her the ideal subject for many of the comedic episodes. Despite this, she is a competent opponent and attacks with a violin that can emit particularly destructive sound waves. Her personality mostly complements that of Hinaichigo, who eventually becomes her good friend and rival; they often debate on whose medium is "better," i.e. prettier. In the manga, she visits the Sakurada home more often than in the anime, and even invites Mitsu, her medium, after Hinaichigo is taken by Kirakishou, in order to fulfill the void left by Hinaichigo.

In Rozen Maiden: ouvertüre, the other dolls apparently forgot Kanaria's name most of the time, though in the manga, Hinaichigo admits to Kanaria that she was only kidding.

Kanaria has the unusual habit of ending her sentences with "kashira" ("I wonder?" or "maybe?"), which is likened to Hinaichigo's penchant for ending sentences with "na no" (meaning "Because"). Kanaria's favorite food is tamagoyaki, or Japanese thick omelet, which, more often than not, is snatched away from her by hungry birds before she can enjoy it. She is introduced in the second season and makes a brief appearance in Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre, making yet another humorously over-the-top attempt to infiltrate Jun's home to steal her sisters' Rosae Mysticae.

Her artificial spirit, Pizzicato, is named after the technique of playing orchestral instruments by plucking the strings, which she uses as a counterattack.

In the second manga series of Rozen Maiden, Kanaria stayed behind with Jun Sakurada in the N-Field while the other surviving dolls crossed over to the other Jun Sakurada's dimension.

Medium: Mitsu
Artificial Spirit: Pizzicato


Extended Information

Rozen Maiden (ローゼンメイデン, Rōzen Meiden?) is a manga by the group Peach-Pit (the creators of DearS), with an anime series of the same name. The story centers around Sakurada Jun, a young hikikomori boy that finds himself indebted to a living doll by the name of Shinku, a doll of the Rozen Maiden series, who was created by a mysterious but extremely talented dollmaker. The series examines the living habits and personality of each doll that is living with Jun and his sister Nori, as well as the sibling rivalry that they commence to name one doll as "Alice" in order to meet the maker who created them. Jun's sometimes comedic, sometimes dramatic experiences with Shinku--as well as the other six dolls of the Rozen Maiden series--slowly bring him out of his depression and back into the world that he had abandoned.

In TV Asahi's "Top 100 Anime Ranking" polled in 2006, Rozen Maiden was ranked 9th on the list.

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