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Kaori Misaka

This is a list of characters from the Japanese visual novel, manga, and anime series Kanon. The main protagonist of the story is Yuichi Aizawa, a seventeen year old young man who has forgotten much of his past as a child. There are five heroines in the story, starting with Ayu Tsukimiya, who is the main heroine. Ayu is a short girl Yuichi's age that used to play with him when Yuichi was younger. She carries a winged-backpack on her back, loves to eat taiyaki, and often says her trademark Ugū catchphrase. Next is Nayuki Minase, Yuichi's cousin, who is also in his class at school. Nayuki has the problem with sleeping in, and is very hard to get up in the morning. She has had a crush on Yuichi ever since she was a child. The third heroine is Makoto Sawatari, the youngest of the five heroines, who has lost nearly all of her memories. What she does remember is her own name, and that she holds a grudge against Yuichi for something he did in the past, though not even Yuichi can remember what he did. Shiori Misaka is the fourth heroine; she is a first year in high school, though never attends class due to an illness she has had since birth. She is usually a cheerful girl who wants her sister to acknowledge her most of all. The last heroine is named Mai Kawasumi, a silent girl who initially comes off as cold towards Yuichi and others, so in effect does not have many friends. She spends her nights at the school slaying demons.

Supporting characters in the story help to further along the plot of the five heroines. They include Akiko Minase, Nayuki's mother and Yuichi's aunt, who is very easy going and will approve of things in one second. Sayuri Kurata is Mai's supporting character, and only friend other than Yuichi. She always tries to put on a smile to hide a depressing past. Kaori Misaka is another, who is Shiori's sister, though she does not admit this to be true when confronted about it. The last supporting character is Mishio Amano who has a major involvement in Makoto's story. She has a cold personality, and helps Yuichi to uncover Makoto's true identity.

Minor characters include Jun Kitagawa, one of Yuichi's classmates, who has a crush on Kaori, and has some minor involvement in Mai's story. Another character is Kuze, the student council president at Yuichi's school, who plays a role in Mai's story. The last minor character is a household cat named Piro, who instantly takes a liking to Makoto after it is first encountered.

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