Kei Tomiyama
敬 富山
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Kei Tomiyama

Kei Tomiyama (富山 敬, Tomiyama Kei?) (October 31, 1938 - September 25, 1995), born Kunichika Tomiyama (冨山 邦親,, Tomiyama Kunichika?), was a Japanese actor, seiyū, and narrator from Anshan, Manchukuo. During his life, Tomiyama was affiliated with Aoni Production and Production Baobab.

Tomiyama is best known for his roles in Tiger Mask (Naoto Date/Tiger Mask), Space Battleship Yamato (Susumu Kodai), UFO Robo Grendizer (Duke Fleed/Daisuke Umon),the Time Bokan series (Narrator), GeGeGe no Kitaro 3rd Series (Nezumi-Otoko), Chibi Maruko-chan (Tomozō Sakura), and Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Yang Wen-li).

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