Keima Katsuragi
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Keima Katsuragi

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Keima Katsuragi - The God of Conquest

Keima Katsuragi is the main character in "The World God Only Knows." In the gaming world, he is known as "The God of Conquest." This 17 year-old is known as the geek in his school. He would always be on his PFP, even when in class. But, despite him playing video games in class, he still stays at the top of his class. In the beginning of the series, he is a collaborator in catching spirits with his partner, Elsea de Lute Irma. Keima met Elsea when he got an e-mail on his PFP saying if he could help catch spirits. (Note: Keima didn't know the e-mail was from hell.) So, Elsea appeared and resulted to them both catching spirits in real life. Which meant, Keima must make the female with the spirit in them to fall in love with him. Even though he must 3-D girls fall in love with him, he likes 2-D girls better.