Kirika Yumura
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Kirika Yumura

Kirika Yuumura, 夕叢霧香, Yūmura Kirika is a schoolgirl who has lost all memories of her past, knowing only that her true name is Noir. It is not known whether her real name is Kirika Yuumura, as the only thing that links her to this name is a student ID card with her photo and that name on it. She meets up with Mireille in the first episode with an offer to make a pilgrimage to the past. Before dying, Mireille's mother asked Kirika to take care of Mireille. She is an excellent markswoman and uses a Beretta M1934, but can also use a great variety of mundane objects as well. Kirika's theme music is 'Canta Per Me', Italian for 'Sing for Me'.

Kirika's birthplace is unknown, as is her real name. Chosen from infancy by a European conspiracy known as Soldats to be a legendary figure known as "Noir", she was trained as an assassin from a young age. Ordered by Altena to execute Mireille Bouquet's family, but her hesitation in killing Odette Bouquet (Mireille's mother) allowed the latter to ask Kirika to take care of Mireille.

Several years later, Kirika awoke in a bedroom in Japan with no memories of her past or concept of her existence save as Noir. Nearby, she found a school uniform, her Beretta, a pocket watch with two women in profile engraved on it, and (in the shirt pocket of the uniform) a student ID card with her picture and the name "Kirika Yuumura". She becomes attached to this fictitious persona and attempts to live a normal life as a high school student while being targeted by Les Soldats.

Kirika contacts Mireille through an email she sends her, inviting her to make a pilgrimage for the past with her. Mireille, sensing that Kirika may have knowledge of her parents' death, travels to Japan. Seeing that Kirika has her father's watch, she questions her on the subject, only to find that Kirika is suffering from amnesia and remembers nothing of her past life.

According to Mireille, the Yuumura family was a fictitious construct; someone was pretending to be her parents. Official records show her "parents" as moving overseas, leaving Kirika at school. Thus Kirika is left alone, pursued occasionally by Soldat agents.

With the connection of the watch, Mireille arranges Kirika to go Paris with her. Mireille agrees to team up with her to seek the truth, however, Mireille tells her when the truth is revealed, she will kill her. Kirika seems content to wait until that moment comes. Ironically, throughout the series, Kirika saves Mireille's life many times.

Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)

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