Last Name: Nanjo
First Name: Kisara
The Valkyrie
南條 キサラ
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Kisara Nanjo

This article is a list of characters from the anime and manga series Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi created by Syun Matsuena.

Note - the names are in Western order, with the given names first.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

* First appearance: chapter 12
* Type: Dou
* Nickname: Valkyrie
* Martial Arts: Taekwondo

Kisara Nanjō who also is Valkyrie, was the most recent member of Ragnarok to be made a Fist, transforming what had been the "Seven Fists" to the "Eight Fists". Kisara is a kicking expert focusing on Tae Kwon Do. She hates, above all else, being treated as weak because she is a girl, due to a past opponent claiming he 'let' her win because she was female. However, she later develops a degree of respect for Kenichi after their fight, where he guards during the entire fight, in order to slow/stop Kisara's advance to ruin Miu's play. She calls Miu 'ushijichi', translated to "Dairy Cow", since she believes Miu's big breasts are excessive.
Later on, it is revealed that she has a very soft spot for cats, especially kittens. When she was little she used to have a kitten named Noir that ended up dying to protect her during a dangerous encounter with a stray dog. When Kisara later helps a stray kitten, she is unfortunately spotted by Miu and Kenichi who eventually tries to help Kisara find a new home for the stray. She ends becoming a target of the Valkyries, Freya's female subordinates, due to the suspicions of being a spy for the Shinpaku Alliance. When they finally attack her, she is unable to fight with her full strength due to her attempts in trying to protect the kitten. However, she is aided by Kenichi, and strangely Shigure who defeated the Valkyries with a wooden spoon after being persuaded not to use a sword by Kenichi, and is able to drive them away. After the fight with the Valkyries, she decides to officially resign herself from Ragnarok. Soon after, Siegfried convinces her to join the Shinpaku Alliance through her love of cats, by presenting three kittens and telling her that they'd join if she did, Niijima referred to this as a frontal attack. In volume 27, Kisara creates a powerful style that specializes in cat movements (even to the point of scratching her head using her leg).
During her fight with the Valkyries, it was revealed that before becoming a Fist, Kisara was part of the Valkyries, and was one of Freya's most loyal subordinates. However, Kisara aims to be her "own master" and decided to quit since all the Valkyries used weapons. She seems to have some respect for Freya and wishes to be stronger than her, another reason why she quit the Valkyries.

Kisara later participates in the D of D tournament with Shinpaku. During this time she discovers that Ukita has a crush on her and appears to be embarrassed about it, even blushing in his presence. She also expressed happiness over the fact that they would be attending the same class when starting the second semester of school, even exhibiting jealousy when he met Rachel Stanley and Renka Ma and kicks or punches him anytime he shows attraction to another girl. This indicates that she has similar feelings for him.