Kitashirakawa Tamako
Tamako Market
By Suzaki Aya
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Kitashirakawa Tamako

Tamako Kitashirakawa (北白川 たまこ Kitashirakawa Tamako) is the main protagonist in the 2013 anime television series Tamako Market. (Tamako Market Wikia)
Extended Information

Tamako is a short, youthful and bright-looking girl. She has black hair that she always keeps in two pony-tails, kept together with white bands at the height of her ears. The ponytails fall over her shoulders. She often has a few strands of hair springing from her head. She has sapphire-blue eyes and is often seen with a gentle smile and a slight blush.She also has a mole on her left side of her neck, the same as her late mother. (Tamako Market Wiki)

Tamako is mostly seen wearing her school's uniform, which is composed out of a dark blue dress and a white shirt. The dress has two wide straps over her shoulders, four buttons on the chest area and a small belt around her taille. The bottom part of the dress looks like a regular skirt, reaching her knees. She wears the white shirt under the dress, which has a wide, flipped down collar and a red ribbon. Her calves are wrapped by white socks and she wears plain black shoes. (Tamako Market Wiki)