Kiyomi Takada
Miss Todai
高田 清美
Death Note
By Maaya Sakamoto
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Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada (高田 清美, Takada Kiyomi) first appears for a short period as Light's classmate and girlfriend; Light appeared with Takada in public to disguise the fact that he also conversed with Misa. Takada is a popular girl also known as "Miss To-Oh", short for To-Oh University, or "'Refined' Takada". She returns later in the story as an announcer of NHN chosen by Mikami to be Kira's spokesperson to the world. Light eventually romances her in order to covertly deliver messages to Mikami, and have her use pages of the Death Note to judge criminals as part of Light's plan. Takada dislikes Misa and suggests to Light that he should kill Misa on several occasions. She is eventually kidnapped by Mello, whom she kills, before Light kills her. As a university student, she is voiced by Masumi Okamura in the Japanese version and Heather Doerksen in the English dub. The older version of the character is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, although the voice actress for the English dub did not change.

Takada was created as a character that would go well with Light, which is why she was given her school idol identity. Ohba felt that because of her "normal name" her unplanned death added unpredictability to the series. Takada was originally going to be reintroduced at the same time as Mello and Near, but Ohba forgot about her until he prepared for a Shonen Jump interview. He felt that he may have reintroduced Takada because he could not forget the "refined Takada." Obata felt that he did not put much thought into Takada's university student design because he has difficulty designing female characters. He found the process of aging Takada difficult because he could not get the design to "look like her." In contrast to Misa's wardrobe, he gave Takada formal clothing to go with her job as a newscaster. Her birthday is July 12, 1985.

In the film, she is played by Nana Katase, filling the "Higuchi" role in the film. When Rem gives her the Death Note, Takada kills a rival anchorwoman to become the lead anchor, although she does continue to kill criminals as instructed by Light via Rem. When she is arrested, Light kills her in order to regain ownership of the Note, although his action goes unnoticed by the other investigators. Shusuke Kaneko, director of the film, said that the film Takada bears importance in "reminding us the satanic power of the Death Note." Nana Katase, who read all of the Death Note volumes, describes her scenes, including those portrayed on video monitors, as "terrifying." Katase says that she and the film Takada have "a strong sense of justice," but that Katase personally would not kill anyone based on those ideals.

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