縁川 小石
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Koishi Herikawa

Please Twins! (おねがい☆ツインズ, Onegai Tsuinzu?, Onegai ☆ Twins), is an anime television series, scripted by Yousuke Kuroda and produced by Bandai Visual, which was later adapted into a light novel and one-volume manga series. It centers around a family of three teenagers in high school all living together who are unsure which two of them are related to each other due to a reference from an old photograph. The Please Twins! anime series is a spin-off sequel to Please Teacher! that first aired in Japan on the WOWOW satellite television network on July 15, 2003 and finished with a total of 12 episodes plus a later OVA episode released on DVD. The series was later adapted into a light novel in 2004, which spanned a total of two volumes and, soon after, into a short one-tankobon manga version (authored by Japanese mangaka Arikan), which was serialized in MediaWorks's Dengeki Daioh magazine in September 2005.

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