Komui Lee
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Komui Lee

29-year-old Komui Lee (コムイ・リー, Komui Rī) is the Chinese Supervisor of the Black Order and Lenalee's older brother. When Lenalee was taken away to become and Exorcist, he worked to become the Supervisor so she would not be alone. Komui is shown as a very whimsical and goofy character and sometimes somewhat sadistic and borderline maniacal. He feels guilty for throwing the Exorcists and Finders into danger, and tries to help in anyway he can, such as making better uniforms to protect the Exorcists, and repairing the anti-Akuma weapons, although the method seems very painful. He believes his job is to protect the Exorcists. Komui is voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki.

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