Kotone Himekawa
姫川 琴音
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Kotone Himekawa

(姫川 琴音 Himekawa Kotone)

A girl with psychic powers, but is unable to fully control them. When she was introduced, it is revealed that she does not have control over her psychic powers; instead bottling them up until she can no longer restrain them anymore, causing devastation. She seems to like udon and many doujinshi portray her using her psychic powers on udon in a number of ways. She is a popular subject of Doujinshi due to her unusual abilities. Her psychic power is psychokinesis in the game, and prediction in the anime series. This has changed back into psychokinesis in ToHeart ~Remember My Memories~. She had a crush on Masashi in the first season, though in ~Remember My Memories~, she admits to being in love with Hiroyuki, and her relationship with Masashi not mentioned.

Source: Wikipedia
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