Kunimitsu Tezuka
手塚 国光
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Kunimitsu Tezuka

Kunimitsu Tezuka (手塚 国光, Tezuka Kunimitsu?) is a fictional character in The Prince of Tennis universe created by Takeshi Konomi, who described him as the character who is most unlike himself. The captain of Seishun Academy's ("Seigaku" for short) tennis team, Tezuka is considered to be a National-level tennis player. As the captain, he is very serious, and is strict when enforcing order within his team. Tezuka is the character who encourages the series' protagonist, Ryoma Echizen, to develop his own style of tennis, leading the latter to consider him to be both a mentor and a rival. Throughout the series, Tezuka constantly struggles with the pain in his left arm, which was caused by an injury inflicted upon him by an upperclassman two years prior. However, he is often willing to sacrifice his arm in order to defeat his opponent and lead his team to the Nationals.

In every Shonen Jump character popularity poll of series, Tezuka has remained in the top five most popular characters. He has also remained in the top 10 in the annual Valentine Chocolate Recipient rankings Takeshi Konomi releases in the manga. In addition to being featured in several of the anime's soundtracks, some even featuring only himself, other types of merchandise have been released in his likeness, including figurines and jewelry.

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