First Name: Kuro
Gender: Female
Type: Person
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Kuro (クロ, Kuro), known as "Kuro of the Thousand Plans" for his elaborate plans that virtually never failed and earned him a 16 million beli bounty on his head. Before the events in the story, he was the captain of the Black Cat Pirates, a crew of men dressed in a cat-themed way, including Django with the striped appendage on his chin that remininds of an egyptean pharaoh, where in ancient egypt cats were worshiped, making his initial appearance as his former first mate and successor as captain, as well as the ship-guardians, the slender figured Sham and his fat partner Butchi, who both fight with cat-like claw gloves. Kuro himself uses a set of similar gloves, but with long uncurved, single edged blades for the claws. Wearing these he adopted his signature habit of moving his constantly slipping glasses back in place using the palm of his hand. After faking his own death by sacrificing one of his men and the aid of Jango's hypnosis, he leaves the crew to spend three years on Usopp's home island gaining the trust of the people and in service of a wealthy family. His plan being to inherit the families wealth and a peaceful life by killing Kaya, its daughter and only remaining member, after forcing her to sign a will in his favor, and passing the murder of as the doing of his former crew. But just in time the freshly formed Straw Hat Pirates arrive to thwart his evil plan by preventing Jango and his men from raiding Usopp's home village. In Japanese media he is voiced by Kōichi Hashimoto, Gary Mack voices him in the 4Kids English dub, and Kent Williams in the Funimation English dub.

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