Kyoshiro Ayanokoji
綾小路 京四郎
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Kyoshiro Ayanokoji

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora (京四郎と永遠の空, Kyōshirō to Towa no Sora?, lit. "Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky") is the title of a Japanese manga created by Kaishaku which was first serialized in the Japanese shōnen manga magazine Monthly Dragon Age in May 2006. An anime adapted from the manga aired in Japan between January 5, 2007 and March 23, 2007; it contained twelve episodes. The series makes references to many of Kaishaku's past works, namely Kannazuki no Miko, Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto, UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, and most notably Steel Angel Kurumi.

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