Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Year Produced: 1989
Episodes: 110
Type: Series
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Legend of the Galactic Heroes

The story of two mighty space empires is told from the viewpoint of two 'heroes': Rheinhardt Von Museal, Admiral of the Galactic Empire, and Yang Wenli, Admiral from the Alliance of Free Planets. Both men are military and tactical geniuses and are born survivors. The ambitious Rheinhart has the goal of getting enough power to be able to free his sister from her obligation as one of the Emperor's Court ladies. He is fairly ruthless in this which is tempered only by his aide: Siegfried Kircheis. Yang is a pacifistic man who, when necessary, will do his duty even if it means fighting against an enemy fleet (since he is a *soldier*, after all). The drama between these 2 men is played out against a backdrop of great space battles, inept commanders, frightened soldiers, personal relationships, corrupt politicians and the workings of two space empires at war with each other. This is a space opera on a very grand scale. Note that there is a very heavy Prussian influence on the series, especially present in the Imperial uniforms...
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Adrian Rubinsky (lead)Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Hildegard von Mariendorf (lead)Masako Katsuki
Julian Mintz (lead)Nozomu Sasaki
Oskar von Reuenthal (lead)Norio Wakamoto
Paul von Oberstein (lead)Kaneto Shiozawa
Reinhard von Lohengramm (lead)Ryo Horikawa
Siegfried Kircheis (lead)Masashi Hironaka
Wenli Yang (lead)Kei Tomiyama
Wolfgang Mittermeyer (lead)Katsuji Mori