Lets Speak Korean
Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 51
Type: Series
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Lets Speak Korean

Arirang's "Let's Speak Korean" offers viewers a televised 10-minute supplement to their other Korean-language studies. Viewers can also learn more about the Korean culture in the process.

Lisa Kelley, the female host of “Let's Speak Korean” plays a kind teacher…a “good cop” role, while the male host, Kim Young plays a rather strict teacher or “bad cop” role. The beginner-level student Blake is hilarious, amusing and makes the program more interesting to viewers who may sympathize.

Lisa Kelley
- Pronunciation editor for EBS English Cafe
- EBS Kid's Quiz Camp
- EBS Vocabulary magician
- Arirang News Host & Reporter
- Appearance in several dramas

Young Kim
- 1994-1998 Santa Monica College/UCLA Santa Monica, CA Liberal Arts Major
- DJ of Arirang Radio Show K-Pop Zone
- Arirang News Team
- KFM-TV Fun Fun English Host
- EBS FM Morning Special Saturday Host
- EBS FM English Go Go Saturday Host
- ARIRANG TV Let’s Speak Korean Host.
- Sharp 1st album leader, rapper, sub-vocals
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