Lina Inverse
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Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse (リナ・インバース, Rina Inbāsu?) is a fictional sorceress and the primary protagonist from the light novel, manga, and anime series Slayers.

Lina has many aliases, both chosen by her and applied by others. Four of her most famous are "Bandit Killer", "Dragon Spooker", "Enemy of All Who Live", and "Someone even a dragon wouldn't mess with".

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

Lina is the primary protagonist and the only character that appears in all incarnations of Slayers. She is an adolescent but very powerful sorceress, with a great love of money, treasure and food. In the first episode of the TV series, she introduces herself by destroying a gang of bandits known as the Dragon Fangs. She steals a large portion of their treasure, then sets off towards the nearest town to cash it in for a sizable profit.

Lina has many different nicknames, one of them being "Dragon Spooker", a name that she isn't too fond of. This is rumored to have appeared because of an incident in the first episode, in which the Leader of the Dragon Fangs’ pet black dragon escapes. Another nickname Lina encounters is the "Dragon Nester." This comes from a rhyme: "Little girl with little breasts, scares the dragon from its nest."
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