Ling Yao
Gender: Male
Hometown: Xing
Type: Person
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Ling Yao

Lin Yao (リン・ヤオ), "Ling Yao" is the twelfth prince of Xing, and represents the Yao people. He meets Edward Elric soon after arriving in Amestris, whom he aggravates by being both younger and taller than him. He also tends to leave Edward with pricey dinner bills before quietly slipping away. Despite his laid-back, goofy, and undignified personality, Lin is a skilled swordsman who keeps a cool head in hostile situations.(ch.33)

His major ambition is to replace his father as Xing's new emperor, and as such operates under the belief that power can not be obtained without the people's support. He is very close to his bodyguards, Lan Fan and Fu, often showing greater concern for their safety than finding immortality and becoming emperor.(ch.46) Throughout the series, Lin's ongoing search for immortality in Amestris results in numerous encounters with the homunculi, whom he can sense like other Xingese characters.

He eventually becomes a homunculus himself so as to become immortal, relinquishing his body to Greed without any resistance.(ch.54) However, he constantly fights with Greed for control, and they eventually come to an agreement to the point where Lin can take control when he feels it's necessary, such as when his ability to detect homunculi is needed.

He is voiced by Mamoru Miyano(ep.15) in the Japanese version and Todd Haberkorn in the English.
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