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The Crunchyroll livestreams allow everyone to interact with people at the con - at home, we can see and hear them, and at the con, they can see our text flying across the screen. Hopefully a lot of fun for both sides!

However, please keep in mind that the livestreams are still part of Crunchyroll, so the Site Rules still apply, especially:
Please be respectful of other users.
Adult content of any kind is prohibited.
Don’t Spam
Type legibly

And remember, we don't know how old some of the people are who are seeing what we type. Some are just little kids! Please, please be respectful.

Livestream bans are separate from site bans: Livestream bans will let you see and hear the event's webcam, but you won't see the chat from users, nor be able to chat yourself. Livestream bans last until they are lifted, so if you have been banned, you'll have to contact a moderator to get that removed. Finally, Livestream bans will not show up on your profile or forum posts in any way, unlike site bans. Feel free to PM any Moderators listed in the Staff Page to discuss coming back in. If you make alts to get around bans, that is a violation of the site rules, and may result in site bans.

Cosplay is not Consent: Remember, folks, just because someone is in cosplay, that does not mean they give their consent for the chat stream to order them around! Being in costume simply means they want to be in costume, not that they want to hug/kiss/dance/sing for your entertainment, especially when some of those activities involve other people.. whom they also might not know. Two people in costume for characters that you ship is fun.. that doesn't mean those two know each other, want to hug, or anything else.

Camera adjustments - I know the camera isn't always ideal, but most of the people you see on camera aren't CR employees, they're congoers who happen to visit the booth. Please refrain from asking them to adjust the camera, it's not theirs to touch.

Guideline - What are some common reasons for a ban?
(Not a complete list!)

Threats of violence - don't threaten violence
Asking for violence - don't ask for someone to be violent
Rape - don't suggest rape

Sexual issues:
ASCII 'art' - please, don't write text to imply sexual organs
Kiss/hug... - please, don't ask people to kiss. Don't suggest someone physically interact with someone else against their will. If a couple wants to kiss, they will, and that's cute.. otherwise, please don't try to force potential strangers into physical situations they may find uncomfortable.

Phone numbers - please, don't send a phone number. We have no idea if this is actually your number, that of an ex that you want revenge on, a scammer, or a phone sex line.

Text issues:
ALL CAPS - please, don't only type in all caps. Occasionally is showing excitement, it's great! But all the time isn't
Swearing - please, don't swear
Spamming - please, don't just spam the same message over and over and over and over and...
Gibberish text - please, don't send text that messes up the stream, or is meaningless like rectangles in various shades
Illegal sites - please, don't post links to illegal sites

Physical demands - please, don't tell people to hug, kiss, etc.
Insults - please, don't insult the people on camera. This includes racism, weight, claims of autism, etc.
Multiple accounts - please, if you are livestream banned, PM any moderator to talk about it! Don't create an alt to keep going, as that can get you banned from more than just the livestream.
Everyone else was.. - please, don't try this. Other people breaking the rules is no reason you should, too.

So, to summarize - please, have fun, interact with the con-goers, and chat about anime and fun things, but remember to follow the rules, and show that Crunchyroll users are a great bunch that enjoy interacting with others!

If you ever have a question or suggestion, feel free to Contact support!