Love at Aegean Sea
Year Produced: 2004
Episodes: 40
Type: Series
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Love at Aegean Sea

Episodes: 40
Broadcaster: CTS

Qing Ding Ai Qin Hai
Love at (the) Aegean Sea
Love of the Aegean Sea
Romance at Aegean Sea
Aegean Sea

Guan Xiaotong (Chae Rim) is a talented music student who hails from Shanghai. On a visit to Greece on the Aegean Sea, she got to know two guys. One is web-friend and free-spirited traveller Li Yaoxiang (Peter Ho) and another is the son of a rich businessman Lu Enqi (Alec Su) who lives a sheltered, controlled and lonely life under the watchful eyes of his parents. They want to matchmake him with a rich man’s daughter, to the dismay of Enqi.

Xiaotong’s friendship with the two men blossoms. But there can only be one love for her…who will she choose? --MediaCorp TV

Alec Su as Lu Enqi
Chae Rim as Guan Xiaotong
Peter Ho as Li Yaoxiang
Chen Zi Ying as Hui Wen (Guan Xiaotong’s cousin)
Bao Yi Lin as Lian Yiqian
Fu Yi Wei as Zhou Meiling

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