Macross Frontier
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 25
Type: Series
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Macross Frontier

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Alternative title:
Macross F
マクロスF (Japanese)

Macross Frontier marks the 25th anniversary of the Macross anime franchise. It is a direct sequel to Macross 7 and follows the lives of Saotome Alto, Ranka Lee and a Pop Idol named Sheryl Nome on board the new space ship Macross Frontier. Human kind after the war against the Zentradi have spread across the universe in order to maintain humanity through the use of new space ships called the Macross Frontier in a effort to spread and maintain the culture of humanity. (Taken from ANN)
Extended Information
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Alto Saotome (lead)Yuichi Nakamura
Ranka Lee (lead)Megumi Nakajima
Sheryl Nome (lead)Aya Endo