Marmalade Boy TV
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1994
Episodes: 76
Type: Series
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Marmalade Boy TV


one of the best non-fantasy animes ive seen

I've noticed that if you watch the 1st 5 episodes and you're bored you won't like the show. I tested it with Meteor Garden, Love Hina, and Brown Sugar Mochiatto. So i watched 5 and i was like, this is a keeper. Ok so of course Ginta and Yuu are really hot!!! The different Love Triangles are reaally interesting and keep you watching. It reminds me alot of boys before flowers because of Aremi who likes Yuu but Yuu never liked her and that's just like Shigeru and Yuu only liked Mikki and never really liked anyone else, just like Tsukasa. Also Mikki is caught between 2 guys... just like Makino.. all VERY nostalgic but i like it. Yeah alot of hot guys and all the other suitors and things that try to break them up is ahmazing!!! Kei is my fave dude he's super hot i loooovvveee!!! ... You can't tell when someone says Yuu or You like if someone said "Hey do you think yuu/you could help?" you wouldn't know if its 2nd or 3rd person, it doesn't really matter but i just get confused easily... shut up! Of course its old and animation is good but you know what i like it the way it is Also the person version in chinese is really bad the people are SUPER ugly and ugh just terrible!!! DONT WATCH IT!!! And the teacher who goes out with her friend is a creeper and the whole switching spouses living together.... kinda creepy... i'm like "What are you smoking and can i have some???!!!!" I really also hate the Aremi girl who lies and plays games and everything. Some people are so stupid!! There's no way he would like her BECAUSE she does that!!! If she didn't do that MAYBE Yuu would like her, that's why he didn't go out with a lot of other girls because they were all like that.. i swear these people think looks and etc are all that matter but most guys who have it want more HELLO!!!!!! She's also too innocent, why does she freak out everytime a guy tries to kiss her, even the one she likes!!! I mean yea i would understand if it was a creeper trying to impregnate you but a kiss?? Seriously, are you four????