Melody Honey
メロディー ハニー
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Melody Honey

This is the list of episodes of the anime series Sgt. Frog.

Source: Wikipedia
[Edit]In Sgt Frog, she is a pop star who usually comes in for cameos and side roles. For instance, she was a judge at the comedy/swimsuit competition in episode 18 ("Wet Hot Beaches") of the anime, or in episode 30B ("Extreme Makeover: Momoka Edition"), Melody Honey had an appearance as a personal trainer for Momoka Nishizawa.

In Arcade Gamer Fubuki, she is known as one of the top gamers in the world for her proficiency in musical games alike to "Dance Dance Revolution" or "Just Dance". In one of her appearances, she pulled the main character, Fubuki, into the dancing game with her and continued dancing, getting a perfect score.

In Nana Seven of Seven, she is a tutor or the main character, Nana Suzuki.