Metal Armor Dragonar
Year Produced: 1987
Episodes: 48
Type: Series
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Metal Armor Dragonar

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The year is 2087, and the Solar System is engulfed in the flames of war. Claiming that their goal is to bring about a "rebirth" of Earth`s humans, the United Lunar Empire Giganos seeks to establish a new order in the Solar System by waging war on the Earth Federation Military. Their superior organization and technology has given them a huge advantage over the nations of the Earth, to the point where they have gained control of 70% of the Earth`s surface. Three military students of the Space Station Alucard learn of the Imperial Army`s (ULEGiganos) shooting of a refugee ship outside their cargo holds. They go to investigate, and find a secret special Mecha armor that they commandeer. They then, against all odds, defeat the first raid on the Space Station Alucard. This does not, however, prevent it`s total destruction by an asteroid launched by the insidious ULEGiganos military.
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